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My heart goes out to the families left behind of this precious child. One will be forever haunted by these images of death for years to come but I pray that they remember the happy memories left behind. I too lost my son to accidental drowning .


Oh dear Lord!...



This is a shocking series, most of the time I feel great with the pictures Sidney captures, today I feel a little bit sad for the tragedy.


I kept going back through your images in this series, Sidney. These truly take me through a roller coaster of feelings. The last one is so haunting and tragic.


In a real way, it is the the worth of life--according to religious dictates--that has prevented meaningful family planning in the Philippines opposed to Thailand let's say. As the poplulation grows without commeserate resources, education, medical care and the like, life does not become cheaper, but harder and often shorter. With a rapid rise in population as has occurred in the Philippines, there is a rise in the absolute numbers of young people, but also proportionately against the rest of the population.

In this context, you get alot of young males and by defintion, that adds volatility to the society. The losers in this scenario, as it has played out elsewhere, are women and children.



I'm sorry for your grief. But if you call life in the Philippines dirt cheap because of your unfortunate experience, how would you describe New York? I've lived in areas that are probably more unsafe than yours, but have survived unscathed. I know no friend or relative that got into a similar trouble as yours, so I guess it depends on one's choices in life. No, I'm not saying yours is wrong, but my point simply is we can choose to live a safer life if we want. And those who want to have their adrenaline pumping all the time should never complain about the anticipated consequences. I'll pray for your friend's family, and your safety.

Take care now,

> Ren,
> I disagree! Life here is dirt
> cheap! I've been shot at more than
> once here and a friend from
> Finland was murdered in QC on the
> 13th of Jan.

charles ravndal

OMG! This image haunts me as well despite the fact that I have seen death a couple of time when I was working as a paramedic firefighter voluntarily while in the Philippines


Very deep, very moving. I don't know if I could have composed myself to take pictures. You have my support. I offer a small prayer for the child and his family.

David Kapp

I really don't know what to say. It is a haunting image for me.


"The price of being responsible for the documentation of life in all its gloriously happy and tragically sad moments is that if some people do not like what they see, they will question a photojournalist's moral character. That reaction, however, is a necessary barometer of a photojournalist's ethics. It is a photographer's moral responsibility that the decision to take pictures is based on sound personal ethics that can be justified to all who disagree."-Paul Martin Lester.

The people interested in the issues of " Photojournalism and Ethics" should visit following website:

Chapter 3 explains the six different philosophies that are used to make and defend controversial decisions.

But I recommend reading all the chapters to truly understand the issues at stake.

Matthew Greco

this is a very touchy situation here Sidney. In my oppinion, images of this magnitude and weight, while ghastly and hard even to look at, do have a place in photography. However, I think that photos of this type should be reserved as a tool to fight injustice or to document socially and historically important events. I feel quite strongly that this photo that you've taken doesn't have a justified place in publication. The main reason for this oppinion is that it is a terribly personal situation. It seems to me that there is no real need to document an event like this. There is a thin line between this and say documenting victims of a natural disaster, but I think a line does exist. I do understand however that as a photojournalist there's a need to document what you experience, and i can respect that, it's just the decision to post this that irks me. Nevertheless, I enjoy your work and wish you the best.


I feel totally unease, unconfortable with this photo.
His death belongs to himself and his family, I couldn't have taken this photo honestly.
I once took a picture of man full of blood on his face and body after an accident, he was totally drunk, I destroyed this picture, I can't explain why but I felt so unconfortable with this situation.


Photo, done in hell of the greater ones. This photo is a blow of fist in the conscience of the governors, the first food and the education of these small poor men. Great dramatic photo


Your photojournalisic style has certainly touched on one of the toughest issues we face as photographers. Just how "ugly" of a scene are we willing to accept? The death of a child, so young, is one of those things than parents the world over fear. We read of it happening every day, but seldom are we asked to look it in the face. Powerful photography Sidney.


Hi Sidney,
This is a shot which brings about exchanging points of vue about this sensible subject. I'm not sure I would have post a shot like that...I just can accept your decision.


the picture of death is never nice, thats so awfull, i was shocked when I saw ur shot. U have a photojournalistic style to ur photography in capturing great emotional moments, thats why I come back to see what U've put up.


Sidney, this is powerful photography. The discussion in these comments is proof of that.


disturbing shot, I'd rather you don't post photos like this :(


That is very, very sad.


first pict: wow, that's a brave kid.
second pict: sh*t, I hope that's not where he is landing when he throws himself off the post. Shallow water?
third pict: OMG.
fourth pict: I'm speachless.


The problems are deeply rooted in poverty and the lack of adequate education.

For the people interested in those issues I would like to point you to a very good website.
The Beggar's Hand

To vonjobi: I try not to judge. I just record what I see. Yes, I hope my pictures speak for themselves. They need to, because I am not a good writer... :-(

Mike Dougan


I disagree! Life here is dirt cheap! I've been shot at more than once here and a friend from Finland was murdered in QC on the 13th of Jan.


Thanks for bringing this, Sidney. I don't know if I would have the guts to do so, don't know if I would be able to take the picture.
I can only try to understand the situation over there, but kids will take risks everywhere.
Some months ago a kid was grabbed by a train over here. Friends had challenged the kid to cross the rails in front of an approaching train. The child had no idea of how fast a train approaches.

Mike Dougan


I disagree! Life here is dirt cheap! I've been shot at more than once here and a friend from Finland was murdered in QC on the 13th of Jan.


Such joy, then such tragedy. Very powerful shots here Sidney, Very powerful.

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